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    Shanghai Huipu Adhesive Technology Co.,LTD, established in 1955, located in Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China, covering the area of 2,00,000 square meters, and with more than 1200 employees. We are a professional manufacturer of adhesive tapes, and now has become a leader of tape industry.

    We specialize in the production of PVC tape, OPP tape, Cloth(Duct) tape, Aluminum Foil tape, Masking tape, Kraft tape, Double Sided tape, Fiberglass tape etc. We only focus on tape of the development, manufacturing, sales.

    For now, we are the largest PVC tape manufacturer in the world, with a daily production capacity of 500,000 SM, and possessing 10 high speed coating lines. We have 8 high speed OPP coating lines, with a daily production capacity of 2,000,000 SM, the second largest producer all of the world at present. Also we possess 8 cloth tape coating lines, with a daily production capacity of 1,000,000 SM, the biggest manufacturer of cloth tape in China, currently exporting 90% of the tape abroad including: North America, European Union, Japan, Middle east, etc.

    We possess many advanced equipments, including: Coating Line, Paper Core Making Machine, Printing Machine, Lamination-Coating Machine, Glue Reactor, Rewinding Machine, Slitting Machine, Cutting Machine, Packing Machine etc.

    Over the past 60 years, we have gained an excellent reputation for our high quality products, competitive prices, fast deliver and the dedicated services that we have been providing to our customers. And widely we get the trust of world-renowed companies, OEM for 3M, teas, Nitto etc.

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