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Big country brand, industrial responsibility. On October 30, the 2018 Great Power Brand Annual Summit hosted by CCTV was held in Beijing. As a representative of national brands, Huipu was successfully selected as the annual big country brand!


CCTV-1 "Great Power Brand" is based on the concept of "Chinese brand · world sharing", and selects the "great power brand" that promotes China's industrial intelligence. In the reform and opening up of making new changes, Huipu has grasped the historical opportunity to achieve the leading brand in the industry and write a new chapter in industrial reform.


 national brand


After 28 years of ingenuity, Huipu has actively embraced the national strategy and become a world-renowned representative of Chinese brands. In 2017, Huipu exceeded 10 billion performance; In 2018, Huipu once again ranked among China's top 500 with a brand value of 22.158 billion yuan, ranking first in the industry for 7 consecutive years.


Thanks to the persistence and practice of quality innovation, Huipu has more than 3,000 innovation patents alone;


In 2016, Huipu won the China Quality Nomination Award.


As a representative of the great power brand, Huipu unswervingly practices the spirit of reform and opening up, and is committed to creating a smart, green and healthy family lifestyle for the people. From made in China to intelligent made in China, from Chinese products to Chinese brands, Huipu practices the rise of national brands.

In the future, Huipu will continue to strive to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese brands and export Chinese brand values and Chinese culture to the world.


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