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 From the beginning of its establishment, Shanghai Huipu has taken tape innovation as its development concept, rubber is an important industrial raw material, and only grows in the tropics. At the beginning of the 20th century, the United States had to rely on imports because it could not grow rubber locally, so Edison asked: "Can you extract similar ingredients from plants?" After this idea was proposed, the United States developed synthetic rubber. At present, innovation should be strongly advocated. Innovation often stems from the frustration of reality and the hope for the future. Just as the tree has a longing for the distance but cannot move, the contrast between this ideal and reality makes it realize its desire in a new way. The guarantee of innovation should be the pursuit of a happier life, and only with the pursuit of the future will there be dissatisfaction with the reality, and only then will there be the motivation of innovation to jump out of the old life. And just to argue that there is food to eat, there is no innovation. Innovation comes in the form of self-revolution. The new ways of the tree are not taught by fairies, and the fruit is not hung by God, but by his own mind. The competition in contemporary society is intensifying, The Times are developing rapidly, and only innovators can win. Innovation requires a self-renewing mechanism. The external driving force of this mechanism is the pressure brought by competitors, and the internal driving force is the development cognition inside the system, and the latter is more important. To realize the breakthrough and negation of the old is not easy, although there is external pressure, people can also choose to escape, only the internal understanding of the development trend, can prompt people to deny themselves, develop themselves, thus promoting innovation, and react to this kind of innovative thinking. Today, numerous large enterprises adhere to the concept of innovation, invest heavily in research and development, and the results of innovation make enterprises revitalized. Innovation eventually leads to success. The trees let the birds and animals carry the seeds to the distance with the fruit, and realize their ideals. In reality, innovation does more than that. On the one hand, innovation brings material benefits to the innovator, on the other hand, it also produces the enhancement of spiritual strength after efforts. In addition, a person

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